Welcome to the Era of Digital Censorship in Kenya, but the REVOLUTION is still coming!

05 Aug

Update. A few minutes after posting this on ‘WanjikuRevolution Kenya’s’ Facebook timeline, the post was taken down by Facebook and the profile was blocked for 7 days. Welcome to the era of digital censorship in Kenya. 

Am back on #FB after a 24hr block followed by another immediate 3 day block. This means the Kenyan government (my government) and it’s operatives are actively reporting this profile as violating #Facebook Community Standards. The truth is a threat to the reincarnated KANU in form of #Jubilee Government. 

KANU Status Quo in it’s many incarnations has survived for 50 years by; 

1) Keeping Wanjiku (Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika) ignorant on how her government is meant to serve her, not rule her.

2) Keeping Wanjiku living hand to mouth thus too busy to keep government accountable.

3) Divide and Rule – Tell Wanjiku that Kikuyus are the problem, Luos are the problem, Kalenjins are the problem, Kambas are the problem, Raila is the problem, WRK is the problem, etc. As we fight each other, they loot our resources and consolidate their hold on power and our lives.

Wanjiku Revolution actively challenges the above three slave driving governance strategies. FEARLESSLY! 

Freedom of Expression and conscience as guaranteed by our Constitution IS NOT DEBATABLE. The government has managed to intimidate senior editors at the Nation Media Group and The Standard Media group to silently publish only positive stories about it. The “Accept & Move On” Doctrine. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT AND MOVE ON! A few brave souls like GADO have refused to be intimidated at the risk of loosing their jobs. 

The war has now been brought online with the #Jubilee chief propagandist working officially from State House with a title to boot and being paid using our tax resources. Bloggers like Betty Njoroge now have the pleasure of having the Government Spokesman Muthui Kariuki call her parents to intimidate her and have her take down her blog. 

Well, WE OWN SOCIAL MEDIA. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. WE WILL SPAWN 1000 accounts by Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika. WaKenya wameamka. The revolution is coming, it’s only a matter of time.

You can have Facebook shut down this account, but I already have 50 others. You can have Facebook shut down this account, even kill me, but you are acting too late. Wanjiku Revolution is now beyond one person, many others are pushing the same truth. You cannot kill us all, YOU CANNOT KILL THE TRUTH! Wanjiku revolution is a revolution of the mind…attitude change, asking questions, wanting things to be better. This is a mindset that has been embraced by majority of Kenyans both online and offline. You cannot shut us all down. We are a ‘Small Axe”…We are organising…we will take you down. WE ARE COMING! 

I Change, YOU Change, Together WE Change Kenya….for the better.


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